Mega Lo Down

by Your Gold Teeth

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released March 29, 2014

All tracks written, recorded and produced by J.Wolter
Additional production, mixed and mastered by Wavey Head

All instruments performed and arranged by J.Wolter

Except keys performed and arranged by B.Brough
Vocals on tracks 1 & 4 by B.Brough
Vocals on tracks 1,2,4 & 6 by L.Wolter
Saxophone on track 10 by L.Wolter
Drums on track 6 arranged by J.Wolter & S.Henthorn
Bass on track 6 arranged by J & L Wolter

Spoken word on track 6 by Myriam Raso
& track 9 by Mike and Penny Wolter

Track 5 contains a sample from the recorded memoirs of Bill Graham - RIP WG, forever in our hearts.
Bill Graham's voice recorded by P.Wolter, March 2004

All tracks recorded at home on the Isle of Man
Except drums on track 10 recorded at Noa Bakehouse

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year or so, its been a special time back home on the Island. To all our friends and family for all the love and support, a big shout out to the Sunday crew for all the laughs and the good times on our little rock! Another thank you to everyone we have played with on tour and to whoever has put us up on our travels. A massive thanks to Ben O'Hare, Talby, Conrad Roberts, Otty, Jules and Bri and Noa Bakehouse for sorting us out with the equipment and space we are forever asking to use.

This record wouldn't have sounded the same without your help.

And Finally, a very special thank you to my brothers and sister. Ste Henthorn, Brian Brough and Lily Wolter, for whom these songs would have never come to life without.

© 2014 Wavey Head. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Your Gold Teeth Isle of Man

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Track Name: Toledo
We said those words
Climb the top and kiss the birds
Feel what you need to
After all we'll see right through

Don't shed those tears, dear
Hang around and leave us here
You got a new tattoo coloured with your headstrong thoughts
How am I supposed to feel?

Don't forget your new tattoo
Track Name: 3
Does she speak at all?
Know that I am here right behind your wall?
Does she know the score?
Does she know the score baby?
Tell me why, you play these games
Those tricks those holes
You know you might as well be here my dear
You might not as well be here my dear

You might as well
Leave bends in the rails
Leave nails in the trails
You might as well
Get lost in the ways that I try to
Ways that I've figured out
Don't be scared, don't be scared

You lost your course
Got lost in the rips of the ocean floor
Say goodbye
The Devil's eye
The Devil's eye
Track Name: Moonwalker
Where did you go?
Did you fall into a crater?
Is it cold outside?
The air is so damn cold, no?

We'll fly away to where it gets so grey
We'll be quiet here
The air is so damn clear
Like I've been told
The days, the ways we feel so old
It's a stones throw away from where we'll be

How come we don't move?
Track Name: White Sharks
It's all gone wrong you see
crosswinds push me into the sea
The waves come in for tea
White horses, they don't care for me
Rotate and separate
Did I say I would be home late?
My thoughts are clear down here
Did I say I was sorry my dear?

It's all gone wrong you see
The tide brings me good company
Oh the good old days
Cruel ways, lost waves

Slowly turning upside down
Down to the dark, white sharks will tear you up
Track Name: Pick Up Truck
You said to wait
I'll stay up late
Fold the other sides
It's such a shame
I'll take the blame
For the tricks applied
Sunken ships we'll find

There's too much time
You bend my mind
I'll take you by surprise
I've learned to dive
I've leaned to fly
To the other side
Come to me the tide
Track Name: Radical Myriam
Sunday sweetheart
A friend of ours
Loves to laugh
Loves to laugh
Always smiling
Your front teeth
Love and believe
Love and believe

Let's go to Portugal
Play in the sands
We'll all hold hands
Search the lands
We think you're so cool
We say you're radical
Oh so special
Oh so special

That's okay girl
That's okay
Track Name: Sudoku
Way to go
You might as well have left it on the floor you know
Way to go
Numbers know their way of adding up they grow and so and so
So you know

Should you find
The boxes and the shapes don't make a perfect line,
Take your time
Working slow
Now there's no point in fighting what is right you know
Take away, go with the flow

I can't seem to calculate
Was I meant to make mistakes?

So I hide and leave the spaces that you fill and so divide
Loose my mind
Patient times are something I don't speak of, something I don't like
So I find, So I find

I can't seem to calculate
I was meant to make mistakes
Track Name: The Island
Island life is good
I can see you understood
We and all our friends
It doesn't get better than this

Play me all your songs
The motorbikes they sing in time
What's that caught inside?
Especially after the funfair ride

We'll trip we'll fall uphill
Under the trees that our friends fill
What's that in the air?
When you're gone
When we're gone

We feel a groove
Ten feet high
We see it move
All behind Island life
Track Name: Flowers
Good morning beautiful day
In this english cottage so far away
Something to take my mind off of things
Although I see you in the flowers

Moths that gather on the window sill
Life's too short, too beautiful to be so still
Something to take my mind away
Although I see you in the flowers

I see you in the flowers
Although I see you in the flowers

Good evening
Track Name: The Slope
Don't you grind your rainbow eyes
I'm stoned to the bone
Long begun

Full of wages, took for ages
Gone, sleep it off
And let's get gone

Thursday's child has far to go
I'm slowing down, hit a slope
You've hit a slope